All Hell Breaks Loose (ATX) 8/29/2017 - Steve Rogers Photography

All Hell Breaks Loose (ATX) OOB 8/29/2017

#oobfest #comedy #marxbrothers #improv Hideout Theater Downstairs 10 PM Follow Groucho (Audrey Sansom), Chico (Neil Dorsey), and Harpo (Carolyn Gjersten) as they stampede through a world that is all at once a throwback to the early 20th Century and also eerily relevant to today. It’s improvised satire aimed towards offending and amusing every sensibility you have with a classic jazz soundtrack (how about a rousing round of “Lydia the Tattooed Lady”?).

Directed by Robert Slack and Assistant Directed by Abbey Benold. Choreographed by Susannah Crowell. Featuring the talents of Audrey Samson, Neil Dorsey, Carolyn Gjertsen, Kelly Boyles, Ally Huston, Brad Hawkins, Jennifer Banister, and Christopher Orf. Musical accompaniment by Tom Clear on keyboards and Colleen Ketchum on flute.

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